TensorCrete provides flexible and cost effective solutions to the disposal of high carbon fly ash and other coal combustion products.

  • TensorCrete has developed a proprietary Ash to Energy and Cement (ATEC) process that can be used to convert high carbon coal fly ash waste into electrical energy and Supplemental Cementitious Materials (SCM).
  • The process utilizes a slagging or vitreous frit-producing gasifier to burn out excess carbon, and a reactor to produce reactive SCM.
  • Depending on the fly ash type and desired product, the process can be operated in a straight carbon burn out mode to produce pozzolanic materials from Class F fly ash, or in a reactive (higher temperature) mode to produce reactive SCM from either Class C or Class F fly ash.
  • Other Coal Combustion Products (CCP) can also be processed to produce SCM.
  • The process can operate at a substantial profit depending on the local price of electricity, the local coal fly ash and CCP tipping or storage costs, and the local market for SCM.
  • Sites for these facilities are selected with these market factors in mind.